22 Giffnock Avenue

Global property company, Goodman has constructed its new 14,500m2 commercial building in Macquarie Park. Seven Commercial levels, two basement levels and a ground floor cafe. The project will be delivered in line with an accelerated program of 45 weeks from development consent Alltech Services designed, installed and commissioned a BACnet compliant Building Automation System for 22 Giffnock Avenue.

St Barnabas Church, Broadway

Building Automation System – St Barnabas Church, Broadway

It burnt down in 2006 – so it was only fitting that the newly rebuilt St Barnabas Church on Broadway re-opened in 2012 and boasts a new modern looking church and a state of the art air conditioning plant controlled by a BACnet BMS system designed installed and maintained by Alltech Services.

“Barneys” is the first major new church building in Sydney in 100 years.

Bunnings Hardware

Building Automation System – Bunnings Hardware

The Bunnings warehouse at Balgowlah tight construction schedule was achieved with careful planning and delivery of switchboards, electrical services and BACnet BMS system designed and installed by Alltech Services. The automation system integrated with fire indicator, car park carbon monoxide monitoring and ventilation such as the macro air fans  on the shop floor.

Alltech Services

is trusted for small and large air conditioning installations for both residential and commercial projects. We provide air conditioning installation services across Sydney.

Lands Department

Building Management System – Lands Department

The Lands and Environment Heritage listed building in the Sydney CBD was upgraded in 2007. The HVAC controls upgrade included 94 air handlers with BACnet technology to control the climate and maintain Energy efficiency. The challenge was to work in the building and extensively upgrade the controls while maintaining the heritage nature of the building, all the while the building was occupied with staff.

Alltech Services is trusted for delicate installations such as this heritage building.