Electrical Design

Alltech Air Conditioning

is more than just an air conditioning company. We are also the leading experts in electrical design. Our electrical engineers can design and install a system for your business or facility that is tailored to your needs. This includes things like switchboards, cabling, power and data. We are your one stop shop for everything electrical. But what exactly does electrical design mean?

What is it?

As stated above, electrical design is the creation, planning and testing of electrical equipment including lighting, power systems, electronic components and data communications. They have to make sure that your business or facility has enough power for all of the tasks that it will be needed for. Electrical engineers have to make sure that each floor has enough lighting, enough phone outlets or internet hook ups, for example.

How it’s made?

There are many different steps from start to finish that involves a lot of work.

  • The first step in the electrical design process is to write a specification document, most likely written by the customer. This document states exactly what the customer is looking for with the end product. Once the electrical engineers get this document, they write up a functional specification that has technical details where calculations can be used to support design decisions.
  • The next step is to create schematic diagrams. These show the electrical interconnections between the components. This is what will be referenced during the building process.
  • Sometimes the next step is a wiring design. On this chart, there are conductor names and the names of termination points. These are only used when the schematics have enough information in them.

If you have any more questions about the electrical design process, the professionals at Alltech Air Conditioning will be happy to answer them for you. Call us today.

Tips For A Cooler Home

In our last blog, we discussed some tips to save you money on your energy bills. In this blog, we want to go over some tips to keep your home cooler in general. Like everyone that has a cooling unit installed in their home, we want to stay as cool as possible. There aren’t that many people out there that enjoy sweating in the hot sun.

Unit Placement

If you have the opportunity to choose where your AC unit is installed, choose a shady spot near your house. If the unit stays cool, then it doesn’t have to work so hard to cool the inside of your home. If you can’t choose where the unit goes, you can always create shade. Plant a shrub or tree or build something around it that allows the unit to get air and stay out of the sun.

Use Blinds

If your windows have blinds, keep them down and keep the heat from the sun from coming in your house. If you are able to, you can also use external shades to stop the sun from the outside.

Clean Filter

When you regularly clean and replace your air filters, then your unit can work more efficiently and produce cooler air. Cleaning the dust out of your filters can not only help you stay cool but will save you money on your energy bill.

TV Placement

Be careful not to set up your televisions or lamps or anything else that puts off heat, next to your thermostat. The heat can make your thermostat think that it is still hot in your house and will work harder to get your home cooled. This will exhaust the AC unit and cost you more.

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Tips For A Cooler Home

Tips To Save You Money This Season

The season is about to change to the warmer side here in Australia and that means that is almost time to turn on the Air Conditioning. Turning on your AC means that you will have to start paying more on your electric bill as the season goes on. Alltech Air Conditioning wants to help you save money this spring and summer with some helpful tips.

Don’t keep air so low

Experts say that if you keep your inside temperature at about 78 degrees, you can save 5% – 15% on your air conditioning bills. This might seem on the warm side but when you are coming in from the hot air outside, it will feel quite nice as you walk into your home.

Use fans

A great way to save money is to use a fan to circulate the air in your home. Putting the fans on the upper level of your home and opening the windows on the lower level can help cool the air. You can also try putting a fan in the window and face it outside so that you can move the hot air out and get cold air in.

Don’t use the oven

When you use the oven or the stove, you are adding hot air into your cooled home. If it is at all possible, use the microwave or make dishes that do not require cooking. If you absolutely need to cook something wait until the evening so that temperatures are cooler.

The best way to save money is to keep your AC unit maintained and replace it when it is needed. That is where Alltech Air Conditioning comes in. We want to help you keep your energy bills low. Call us today to see how we can help.